Finishing up with style !

With Swiss, French, Italian, German, Austrian, Hungarian, Spanish, Dutch, British and even Hong Konger players, we are a proud international team and it is one of our strength. So for the last league-match report, switching again to English.

After the significative victory against Basel at the beginning of May, the hardest part was done and being the first ever winner of the National Women League B was clearly within our reach.

But we had to stay focus up to the end and win the last 2 games. Job done against Zug, the Geneva Switzers would be the decider of this long, eventful, and eventually great season.

We knew our opponents: young - most of them -, but all resilient and tenacious. The instruction is clear: let’s play our game, enjoy our rugby, keep progressing together. We want to show that we are, undeniably, the best LNF B team.

History won’t remember you scored the 10 tries & 7 conversions (neither do we). And it does not really matter. A clear victory to conclude the season with style!

What was striking was the team spirit, on & off the pitch. Special tribute to the injured players whose focus and support was absolutely amazing, and to the men’s team & family members cheering on the side line.

It goes without saying that the celebrations were up to the hard work put on by the payers and coaches. We also had to celebrate Carole first game, and properly say good bye to Jess - the youngest player of team - Carol, Wuki and Aniek.

Some last rugby-fun in St Gall remaining, close the season before a well-deserved break.

Moving up to the 1st division will be a new adventure, so we are recruiting! “No women, no try.”

You are curious, wants to stay fit, have fun, meet people, challenge yourself, be part of a team, learn something new, or even play for Switzerland? Come and give it the go!

Crédit photo: Célia


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